10 minutes of meditation for 10 pts of lower blood pressure

Taking the time to take a break is even more important in today’s 24×7 fast-paced society. 

The benefits of meditation are many.  Even just 5-15 minutes a day can improve many facets of the typical health profile. photo21

One of the first articles that will populate the part of this blog that will help to explain some of the important aspects of stress relieving techniques will be that of Meditation. This article will be coming soon as we continue to work on our sister site, www.stress-freeliving.com as well as our ‘brother blog’, thesleepguru.wordpress.com.

Stay tuned.

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    The purpose of the classes is to help you establish or deepen your daily meditation and yoga practice and help you achieve your highest potential. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to learn the wonderful arts or meditation, yoga and pranaya…

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